Annual Report

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2016 Annual Report

2016 Accomplishments & Highlights

SWCD Tree Program

  • There were over 7,500 trees planted on riparian buffers, field windbreaks/shelterbelts,and wildlife plantings.
  • All of these practices combined, accounted 16.1 acres of conservation plantings.
  • There were 28 individual plantings in all.
  • There was also 13,000 feet of weed barrier fabric applied over the trees to control weeds, conserve moisture, and accelerate tree growth.

State Cost-share Funding

  • $14,180.11 of FY14 and FY15 cost share money was spent on cost share projects in 2016. These projects included field windbreaks, grassed waterway, and a lined water way. $4,485.20 was spent on staff time related to cost-share projects.

NRCS Program Funding

  • 2016 program payments totalling more than $1,276,000 (information is unofficial)

FSA Program Highlights

  • 10,526 total acres under CRP contract in Chippewa County
  •  4375.23 Acres are Wetland Restoration with buffers
  • 2768.97 Acres are Grass Filter Strips with Riparian Buffers
  • 481.32 Acres are Grass Habitat
  • 2242.90 Acres are Rare and Declining Habitat
  • 360.58 Acres are Field Windbreak/Shelterbelts
  • 34.44 Acres are Living Snowfence/General Trees
  • 263.46 Acres are Pollinator and Wildlife Habitat

Local Water Plan Cost-share Funding


Educational Outreach

  • Poster Contest Winners: Bristle, Esparza, Gerdes, Peterson
  • 250- 5th grade students attend Conservation Field Days
  • Women’s Field Day: close to 30 local women attended the June event
  • Montevideo 6th graders cleaned up several areas near businesses on Highway 7 on Community Clean Up Day