Supervisor Info

2018 Board Front L-R: Calin Eisenlohr, Dawn Schuler
Back L-R: Scott Roelofs, Ray Trager, Steve Sunderland

Soil and Water Conservation Supervisors are elected positions that play an important role in how our community deals with a wide variety of resource management issues, including wetlands, water quality, water quantity, and soil erosion. SWCD’s are special purpose local units of government that manage and direct conservation programs, such as the State Cost-share Program. The Supervisors meet monthly to discuss the business of the SWCD.


2019 Officers:

Chairman: Steve Sunderland

Vice-Chairman: Calin Eisenlohr

Secretary: Michelle Overholser

Treasurer:  Jeff Johnson

PR&I: Steve Jacobson

Committee Assignments:

Personnel Committee: Steve Jacobson and Steve Sunderland

WCTSA Joint Powers Board: Steve Jacobson, with Steve Sunderland as back up

Hawk Creek Watershed Project: Steve Sunderland, with Jeff Johnson as back up

Chippewa River Watershed Project: Michelle Overholser, with Calin Eisenlohr as back up

Local Water Plan: Jeff Johnson